2004 MCL Marine of the Year

Vic Voltaggio

Marine Vic Voltaggio is the Southeast Division Assistant Division Vice Commandant from Spring Valley, Florida with 7 years active duty under his belt, 18 months of which was in the Republic of Vietnam. He has strong family values, is a devoted husband, father and grandfather.

Marine Voltaggio spends countless hours as a Little League coach and uses his skills and knowledge of the game in baseball clinics throughout his County and the nation.  He has also taken a leadership role in local, state and national Special Olympics programs.

As Quartermaster, he built up an extensive inventory at his own expense.  During his tenure as Commandant, he tripled the membership of his detachment from 92 to 276.  Driving force behind development of Honor Guard which has participated in over 500 military funerals and has won many awards.

He set a goal of building a detachment home.  His vision became a reality and his detachment now has a state of the art meeting place.

His numerous awards include being named 2001 Department of Florida Marine of the Year and this year his state legislature honored him as Veteran of the Year for his efforts and accomplishments in getting his state to enact laws which greatly benefitted all the veterans organizations.

While Christmas shopping at a local mall, he spotted a young U.S. Marine being assaulted by three muggers.  In a heartbeat, with no regard for his own personal safety, he jumped in the middle of the fracus, stopping the attack and soundly affecting the apprehension of the offenders.

The National Marine of Year Society proudly welcomes Vic Voltaggio into our ranks.

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